Effective House Cleaning Tips

How to Clean Your HouseAre you a mom of two or three kids? If yes then I am sure that they will be reason of increasing mess in your house. You are preparing the food, have to wash clothes and suddenly some guests arrive, so what will you do if your home look untidy? How can you maintain the house cleaning while doing so many works?

Well, this is because of inappropriate house cleaning plan. First of all, evaluate a plan that what work should have done on a daily basis or on a weekly basis? Such as, the sweeping and dusting are part of a daily routine, so you cannot neglect it! The washing of clothes can be done at the weekend so that you can clean your house very easily without worrying about clothes washing.

Now, once you have done with the house cleaning plan, observe that what is the reason of this excessive mess? So here it is, your husband may come in with the dirty shoes carrying dust, sand particles and wetness . If there is no rug at the entrance then place it there in order to minimize the excess mess. When you are sweeping the floor, first clean that entrance rug with the mop and place it on where it was. Clean the carpet and all the mats first. Now sweep the floor but remember to take out the hidden dirt efficiently from the covered areas like from under the sofa set , surroundings of the trolly and table corners. Make sure that the sweeping has done and your house presents a better look from before.

Dusting is the biggest challenge. It should need extra attention while house cleaning. Clean the living room by dusting each and every tiny decorative piece as well as the table, side table and chairs. Also not forget to dust the magazines which are lying on the center table, as it carry dirt particles as well. Clean the kids bedroom by dusting each of the decorated items or toys in their shelves or tables. But remember, if you have a wooden furniture, don’t treat them with a wet dusting cloth as it will damage the furniture polish. Your house windows need great attention as well. Wipe them with the help of dry cloth and then clean it with the glass cleaners that are available in the market. It will give the window glasses an extra silky shine. Repeat the same procedure with all the glass made accessories of your house.

I think I forgot something. Oh yes the moping! Mop the house floor by adding some surface cleaners. Remember that the use of chemicals or other acids is not a healthy practice. Ask for the suitable surface cleaner from your shopkeeper.
So, what’s next? Yes you are right, the bathrooms. The house cleaning plan should include the bathroom cleaning on a daily basis in order to minimize the bacterial growth. Use some cleaning agents to clean the wash basins and commodes, scratch the tap little bit, to remove the layer of oil as it may be possible that your kids opened the tap after having some fried items.

So. Here are some important tips to maintain your house cleaning. Follow them now!

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